How to join

[EU] ARKADIA – PvPvE Cluster – X5 is available only for PC user’s (steam & epic games)
You can find our servers by select “unoffical server” in filter list with the name:

This server switch PvE to PvP during the Weekend (UTC +2).
• PVE TIME = from Sunday 8:00pm to Friday 8:00pm
• PVP TIME = from Friday 8:00pm to Sunday 8:00pm

• The Island (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27010)
• Scorched Earth (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27012)
• The Center (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27011)
• Ragnarok (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27013)
• Aberration (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27014)
• Extinction (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27015)
• Crystal Isle (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27017)
• Valguero (steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27016)
• Genesis pt 1(steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27018)
• Genesis pt 2(steam://connect/Play.Arkadia.WTF:27019)

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