General Informations

By play on server u got the points. With points you can buy many dino or item in-game.


/points - Shows current amount of points.
/shophelp - Show custom help message.
/buy <ID> <Amount> - Buys the item from shop.
/trade <'CharacterName'> <Amount> - Sends points to other player (' ' - are necessary).
/kit - Shows all kits.
/kit <KitName> - Redeems the kit.
/buykit <KitName> <Amount> - Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
/shop <Page> - Shows a list of available items in the shop.


Achatina lvl 224: /buy achatina 
Arthopleura lvl 224: /buy artho 
Basilosaurus lvl 224: /buy basilo 
Bloodstalker lvl 224: /buy bloodsta 
Blood Wyvern lvl 224: /buy bloodw 
Buldog lvl 224: /buy buldog 
Crystal Wyvern lvl 224: /buy crystalw 
Daeodon lvl 224: /buy daeodon 
Dung beetle lvl 224: /buy dungbeetle 
Fire Wyverj lvl 224: /buy firew 
Gacha lvl 224: /buy gacha 
Gasbags lvl 224: /buy gasbags 
Gigantosaurus lvl 224: /buy giga 
Griffin lvl 224: /buy griffin 
Ice Wyvern lvl 224: /buy icew 
Light Wyvern lvl 224: /buy lightw 
Magmasaur lvl 50: /buy magmasaur 
Managarmr lvl 224: /buy managarmr 
Mantis lvl 224: /buy mantis 
Megachelon lvl 224: /buy magache 
Mek lvl 120: /buy mek 
Phoenix lvl 224: /buy phoenix 
Poison wyvern lvl 224: /buy poisonw 
Procoptodon lvl 224: /buy procop 
Quetzal Tek lvl 269: /buy quetztek 
Rex Tek lvl 269: /buy rextek 1
Rock Drake lvl 190: /buy rockdrake 
Rock Elemental lvl 224: /buy rockelemental 
Snow Owl lvl 224: /buy snowowl 
Stego Tek lvl 269: /buy stegotek 
Trike Tek lvl 269: /buy triketek 
Tropeognathus lvl 224: /buy tropeo 
Tusoteuthis lvl 224: /buy tusot 
Velonasaur lvl 224: /buy velonar


Black Pearl (250x): /buy black
Blu Gems (500x): /buy blugems
Sweet Cake (25x): /buy cake
Cementing paste (500x): /buy cementing
Charcoal (500x): /buy charcoal
Cryopods (10x): /buy cryo
Crystal (500x): /buy crystal
Element Dust (1000x): /buy dust 
Electronics (500x): /buy electronics
Element (50x): /buy elemnt
Fertilizer (10x): /buy fertilizer
Fungal Wood (500x): /buy fungal
Gongeled Gas Ball (500x): /buy gasball
Green Gems (500x): /buy greengems
Death Horn (50x): /buy horn
Metal Ingot (100x): /buy ingots100
Kibble Exceptional (1x): /buy kexce
Kibble Extraordinary (1x): /buy kext
Kibble Simple (1x): /buy ksim
Kibble Superior (1x): /buy ksup 
Metal Ingot (500x): /buy metal
Wyvern Milk (5x): /buy milk
Mindwipe (1x): /buy mindwipe
Obsidian (500x): /buy obsidian
Oil (500x): /buy oil 
Primal Crystal (5x): /buy pcrystal
Polymer (500x): /buy polymer
Red Gems (500x): /buy redgems
Sap (100x): /buy sap
Element Shard (250x): /buy shard 
Shell Fragment (500x): /buy shell 
Silica Pearl (500x): /buy silica
Sulfur (500x): /buy sulfur 
Tools (Metal Hatchet,Pick): /buy tools
Nameless Venom (5x): /buy venom

To see Server General Rules: #server-rules
To see server commands: #shop-points


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