Arkadia – Season 8 Informations

Mode: PvPvE
Crossplay (steam + epic games)
Start date:
07/06/2024 – 18.00 (CET)
Season duration:
3 months
Tribe size: 6 man
Ally: no ally tribe

This server switch PvE to PvP during the Weekend (CET).

• PVE TIME = from Sunday 20:00 to Friday 20:00
• PVP TIME = from Friday 20:00 to Sunday 20:00


  • Players Protection: You get a starting protection for 14 days.
  • Log to discord: Your Tribe-log directly on your discord.
  • Shop & Kits: There are a shop in-game with dino’s and stuff.
  • Dino stats: Check and rename your dino’s with stats.
  • Find lost dino’s: You can track and find your lost dino.
  • Auto Engram: Learn engram also from other dlc.
  • Cluster Chat: global chat works for all maps.
  • Custom Colors: You can change the dino’s color regions!
  • Gender Changer: You can swipe your dino’s gender!
  • Suicide command: Command for die and respawn again.
  • Leaderboard: tons of stats available for every your ingame progress
  • Ranked system: you are the real alpha on the cluster?
  • Ingame + discord: show your progress also on discord channel with roles and badge

• Mode = PvPvE
• Tribe Limit = 6
• Max Player Level = 105 + Ascensions
• Max Wild Dino Level = 150
• Unlimited Mindwipe Respecs = True
• Infinite Structure Pickup = True
• Alliance System = False
• Custom Recipes = True
• Corpse Locater = True
• No Collision Building = True
• Show Floating Damage = True

• Experience = 5.0
• Harvesting = 5.0
• Taming = 5.0
• Breeding = 7.5
• Mating Interval = 0.4
• Baby Imprint Interval = 0.5
• Imprint Amount Scale = 1.4
• Cave Damage = 6.0
• Player Food/Water Consumption = 1.0
• Loot Quality = 1
• Fishing Loot Quality = 1

Mainly all maps provide a x5 for xp, harvest, taming etc but not in this maps:
Aberration: boosted;
Scorched: boosted;
Genesis 2: nerfed.

Arkadia therefore wants to unite a considerable number of players, united by a single interest, Ark! Furthermore, the management of the game modes is as follows:

Starting from Sunday 8:00pm until Friday 8:00pm the server will be in PvE mode, which means that the various tribes present on the various maps, will not be able to attack each other, will have protection from offline damage and will be able to enjoy a little more relaxation. You can reach us mainly with the Epic Games or Steam version.

From Friday 8:00 pm to Sunday 8:00pm am the PvP mode will start where it will be possible to attack the enemy tribes with the intent of looting their materials, structures, creatures and much more … All however with pre-established rules and precise.Before proceeding further, however, we remind you to read our Official Rules!

In addition to this variable mode, suitable for those who want to relax by collecting and building structures or to ignite even more the fiery souls of the warriors, there is the presence of a shop within the game (because Arkadia, in its servers has a virtual currency ), which allows players to purchase creatures and more from other DLC.

What we offer our players is a completely new and somewhat original universe. With our x5 multiplier, level growth, material gathering, creature taming and much more is affected by the multiplier (resources will be collected 5 times more than a normal server and taming times will be reduced by 5 times compared to official servers). We would like to re-emphasize the fact that Arkadia is an unofficial server of the ARK: Survival Evolved community.

Another novelty that we offer to our players is the Tribe Log, which allows you to connect to Discord, the log of your tribe on Ark. It will therefore be possible to observe what happens to our tribe even without having to be present on the server.

Finally, we remind you that, to vote for our servers, you must go to the Status Server page and click the “vote” button under the map you use most. We are waiting for you to play and have fun together!


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