Cluster Rules

This section is dedicated exclusively to the Official Rules of our server.
No exceptions or other types of favoritism will be made.
Since we want to maintain a mild and calm climate among all the players (and related tribes) we have decided to draw up a series of sub-points for the three macro categories that will be listed below:

Character Rules

• You must always use legitimate character, tribe and dino name(s) in-game and on your Epic or Steam account. It is forbidden to use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. “Human”, “Survivor”, “Admin”, “GM”, “Player”, “123”, “321”, “OneTwoThree”, “□□□” or anything similar is not allowed.

• Any characters named something racist, sexist, or homophobic will be banned.

• Tribe members cannot share the same exact name.

• If you’re caught with it, you will first be warned and banned if you refuse or cause issues about it.

General Server Rules

• Offensive language will NOT be tolerated, in chat and also in vocal. 0% Tollerance for racist, sexist, homophobic, unlawful, mental health slurs,etc.
Admins reserve the right to step-in and stop a conversation they find inappropriate or makes them uncomfortable.

• Tribes must use the same name on all maps, failure to comply with the rule can lead to warnings and / or punishments.

• Players are not permitted to tribe up with members not in their tribe on other maps to perform PvE or PvP – Exceptions can be made when running Genesis Boss Fights & Skiff crafts for trading only.

• Theft of resources on enemy bases is not against the rules, it is part of the game. However, if the enemy player locks the thief inside the base, ADM will not do anything.

• Don’t cage someone longer than 2 hour, if this happens admin can only kill the player imprisoned for provide a new respawn.

• Do not trade items for real currency (i.e. money, gift cards, etc) if caught both parties will be permanently banned.
You can trade in-game items and arkadiapoints if you so wish.

• Admins are not responsible for lost characters or tames. We all know Ark is a glitchy game. Staff are not responsible if you’ve lost a character or tame.
We try to help if we’re available but otherwise we don’t guarantee a replacement.

• Streaming snipping is not Vs the rules of server. Just because Is not possibile to provide a valid proof for this. If a people want to stream theyr custom gamplay and strategy is not reaponsability of the server keep them safe

• Duping glitches will be permanently banned

Buildings rules:

• It is completely prohibited to build in ratholes or locations where player entry requires knocked unconscious, wooden chairs, reach dino riding, ziplines, quetz, ptero or anything similar.

• Block access to caves without having the intention to build, just in order to prevent anyone from using it, be it for farm or to set up base.

• Block Artefact cave.

• Spam foundations near the base are allowed in moderate amounts.
If the amount make a render crash when near the position your spam will be subject to red gun if deemed too out of control.

• Do not spam out spaces if you don’t intend to build or fob up there. You will be structure wiped without warning.

• Do not build on any of the obelisks. The obelisks should be left open so anyone can transfer whenever they choose.

• Do not build on or around terminal/teleport spawn areas on the Genesis and Extinction maps.
You will be structure wiped without warning.

• Construction or distribution of structures in player spawn areas.

• Maintain the FOB built on the enemy base if it is no longer raid.

Specific for the PvE period:


• Attract wild dinos to destroy enemy bases in order to damage and steal the loot and / or dry ammunition from turrets.

• Distribute structures in farm areas, preventing other players from farming.

• Hinder or harm the enemy during taming.

• It is forbidden to annoy a tribe or a player for a long time in the pve period by infiltrating or blocking or building near its base preventing them from continuing the construction of its base.

Specific for the PvP period:

• Constructions that make armored dinos

• ANY construction that is below the platform dino saddle.

• Mesh Bite (when you use in-game bugs to damage / kill the enemy through the mesh) – * This rule does not apply to Railgun, which is done exactly to shoot through a wall *

• Maintain the FOB built on the enemy base if it is no longer raid.

• No Teaming, only 2 Tribes are allowed to raid together (1 alliance)


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