Welcome to [EU] ARKADIA – PvPvE CLUSTER – X5

Arkadia is a server cluster with all maps for Ark Survival Evolved.
You can find an amazing community by join our servers and discord channel.
The cluster wants to provide the experience closest to the official server.



Custom plugins for get a wonderfull experience on our servers without mods! Discover the points system, the in-game shop, tribe log on discord and many other features!



Our server is setup for all Steam and Epic games players!
Join with you friends and discover the event exclusive provided from Arkadia.



Arkadia has a dedicated support team on Discord that acknowledges and answers every single ticket sent giving the best playing experience there is to offer.

PvPvE want to provide pve quest on week and some pvp on weekend.
Check what amazing features we offers in this No Mod Cluster!

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You are Welcome survivor!