Ark Points

The talk of the shop on our maps had already been mentioned on the home page. Here we will show you exactly how the in-game store works, how to accumulate virtual credits and what types of items are available on the market.

First of all, know that, being a cluster server, your character will be able to travel from one server to another without problems (obviously to go and play on certain maps you must first have the relative DLC). This map change will not only allow you to play in a new world, but it will also give you the opportunity to take all the credits accumulated on a particular server with you. Let’s take an example:

I play on The Island, on this map I reach a total of 1000 credits. I decide to go and play on Ragnarok, as soon as I enter Ragnarok, my credit balance will automatically increase to 1000 (resuming the count of the exit server).

To earn this currency, all you have to do is stay active on the server and play; spending our time on Arkadia, we will be able to accumulate credits that will, in the future, unlock any creatures belonging to DLC that we have not yet purchased. The following are the main commands that can be used in the game to interact with the shop:

By play on server u got the points. With points you can buy many dino or item in-game.


/points – Shows current amount of points.
/shophelp – Show custom help message.
/buy <ID> <Amount> – Buys the item from shop.
/trade <‘CharacterName’> <Amount> – Sends points to other player (‘ ‘ – are necessary).
/kit – Shows all kits.
/kit <KitName> – Redeems the kit.
/buykit <KitName> <Amount> – Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
/shop <Page> – Shows a list of available items in the shop.


Achatina 224 /buy achatina
Arthopleura 224 /buy artho
Astrodelphis 224 /buy astro
Basilosaurus 224 /buy basilo
Bloodstalker 224 /buy bloodsta
Buldog 224 /buy buldog
Daeodon 224 /buy daeodon
Dung beetle 224 /buy dungbeetle
Electrophorus 224 /buy electrop
Ferox 224 /buy ferox
Gacha 224 /buy gacha
Gasbags 224 /buy gasbags
Gigantosaurus 224 /buy giga
Griffin 224 /buy griffin
Karkinos 224 /buy karki
Maewing 224 /buy maew
Magmasaur 150 /buy magmasaur
Managarmr 224 /buy managarmr
Mantis 224 /buy mantis
Megachelon 224 /buy magache
Megalodon 224 /buy megalodon
Mek 120 /buy mek
Mosasaur 224 /buy mosa
Noglin 224 /buy noglin
Otter 224 /buy otter
Phoenix 224 /buy phoenix
Plesiosaur 224 /buy plesio
Procoptodon 224 /buy procop
Rock Drake 190 /buy rockdrake
Rock Elemental 224 /buy relemental
Shadowmane 224 /buy shadowmane
Snow Owl 224 /buy snowowl
Tek Quetzal 269 /buy tekquetz
Tek Rex 269 /buy tekrex
Tek Stego 269 /buy tekstego
Tek Stryder 100 /buy stryder100
Tek Stryder 224 /buy stryder224
Tek Trike 269 /buy tektrike
Troodon 224 /buy troodo
Tropeognathus 224 /buy tropeo
Tusoteuthis 224 /buy tusot
Unicorn 224 /buy unicorn
Velonasaur 224 /buy velonar
Voidwyrm 224 /buy voidwyrm
Wyvern Blood 224 /buy bloodw
Wyvern Crystal 224 /buy crystalw
Wyvern Fire 224 /buy firew
Wyvern Ice 224 /buy icew
Wyvern Light 224 /buy lightw
Wyvern Poison 224 /buy poisonw
X Ankylosaur 224 /buy xanky
X Argentavis 224 /buy xargent
X Rex 224 /buy xrex
X Rock Elemental 224 /buy xrock
X Trike 224 /buy xtrike


Black Pearl 250 /buy black
Blu Gems 500 /buy blugems
Calien Soup 2 /buy calien
Cementing paste 500 /buy cementing
Canoe 1 /buy canoe
Charcoal 500 /buy charcoal
Cryopods 10 /buy cryo
Crystal 500 /buy crystal
Death Horn 50 /buy horn
Egg Incubator 1 /buy incubator
Electronics 500 /buy elect
Element 50 /buy elemnt
Element Dust 1000 /buy dust
Element Shard 250 /buy shard
Enduro Stew 2 /buy enduro
Fertilizer 10 /buy fert
Focal Chili 2 /buy focal
Fria Curry 2 /buy fria
Fungal Wood 500 /buy fungal
Gongeled Gas Ball 500 /buy gasball
Green Gems 500 /buy greengems
K Exceptional 1 /buy kexce
K Extraordinary 1 /buy kext
K Simple 1 /buy ksim
K Superior 1 /buy ksup
Lazarus Chowder 2 /buy lazarus
Loadout Mannequin 1 /buy mannequin
Metal Ingot 100 /buy ingots100
Metal Ingot 500 /buy metal
Mindwipe 1 /buy mindwipe
Mutagen 6 /buy mutagen
Nameless Venom 5 /buy venom
Obsidian 500 /buy obsidian
Oil 500 /buy oil
Polymer 500 /buy polymer
Primal Crystal 5 /buy pcrystal
Red Gems 500 /buy redgems
Sap 100 /buy sap
Shell Fragment 500 /buy shell
Silica Pearl 500 /buy silica
Sulfur 500 /buy sulfur
Sweet Cake 25 /buy cake
Wyvern Milk 5 /buy milk
Tools (Hatchet,Pick) /buy tools

Comand: /Shop 1

Comand: /Shop 2

Comand: /Shop 3

Comand: /Shop 4

Comand: /Shop 5

Comand: /Shop 6

Comand: /Shop 7

Comand: /Shop 8

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